Feeling disconnected? Unhappy? Unsatisfied? Want more intimacy? Better communication?  If you are in a relationship with someone you love but you aren’t getting the love you want or need, let me help you REIGNITE that flame.

Tired of being the “nice guy?” Tired of the BS? Attracting the same type? Drained? It’s time to REWIRE your potential and design the opportunity for you to have the love where missions match and purposes are parallel. Time to LEVEL UP.

Struggling to let go? Can’t move on? Still hurting? Need closure?What you do after a breakup can be the difference between taking months versus years to recover.  Time to REFUEL and turn this breakup into a life changing breakthrough. 

  1. You want RESULTS NOW. 
  2. You want a proven system – a strategy that actually works -EXPERTISE.
  3. You have tried to do it on your own but aren’t having any luck.



Need to talk RIGHT NOW? Need guidance RIGHT NOW? This is a 90 min session where I will help you crack the code to a specific situation, problem, obstacle, challenge and provide you the insight, feedback, direction and an action plan to EMPOWER YOU moving forward.


A 4-week program designed and personalized to rewire your potential. This is a great starting guide to getting to know yourself better. More clarity, more confidence, more self-awareness. The more you know, the better the opportunities you attract. Taking control of your love life rather than your love life taking control of you. 


 An 8-week, revolutionary, results driven, personalized, one on one coaching program designed to help you dig deep, kick ass and EVOLVE.  This is a journey of self- discovery, self- love and SATISFACTION. This program works best for 3 groups of people: 

1. Those who want to build and/or restore all that a past relationship and/or past trauma has robbed you of.  If you are confident, know what you DESERVE and are READY to take the lead in your life, then this is for you.

2. Those who know their purpose, the relationship and lifestyle they want yet don’t know the process to make that their reality. They are operating from a place of fear and are ready to stop wasting time. They are ready to get out of their own way.

3. Those that may not know their purpose but they KNOW they want a more fulfilling life of love. They are lacking SOLID self-confidence and they don’t fully believe in themselves. 

This is about breaking through whatever has been holding you back. My system focuses on mindset, confidence and building a better YOU foundation. We identify blind spots, traps of self-doubt, areas of subconscious self-sabotaging, and healing past wounds by rewiring your mindset.