At my lowest, darkest times in life this woman helped me find light, courage, strength, and self-love. This woman introduced me to a feeling of freedom, a feeling of peace. She has seen me at my worst and never gave up on me. Words cannot express my gratitude, my loyalty, my respect and love for this woman.
Nikki H.
The LEVEL UP program is amazing, terrific and indescribable for the heart and mind and soul. Tawny, your heart is where it should be. Your coaching insight is right on. You brought out in me what I've been searching for, for years. I will treasure our time and your wisdom always.
Julie J.
You are a wonderful motivator and I am grateful for your expertise in recognizing where my blind spots lie. Super easy to talk. I felt safe and secure being vulnerable with you. You held space without judgement, and with openness guiding me toward a path of growth.
Holly W.
While a year of therapy helped, it wasn't even close to what I received in the 8 weeks of working with you. I remember thinking "I need whatever it is that she has," Who knew I would be walking away with so much more. Thank you, Tawny."
Linda C.
Tawny, thank you for helping me rediscover who I've always been as well as the tools to create the woman, the life and the relationship I have always wanted. I can finally say I am living my most unapologetic and authentic life today. You are magic!
Jillian S.
Thank you for giving me what I needed. You called me on my BS in such a passionate way. I knew you cared and were invested in my success from day one. Because of you I am no longer dating toxicity, no longer anxiously attached or settling for a career that didn't align. I am READY to have it all.
kelly j.