At my lowest, darkest times in life this woman helped me find light, courage, strength, and self-love. This woman introduced me to a feeling of freedom, a feeling of peace. She has seen me at my worst and never gave up on me. Words cannot express my gratitude, my loyalty, my respect and love for this woman.
Nikki H.
Your expertise in relationships, love and loss mixed with your humility, energy, and ability to understand others is astonishing. You changed the way I view myself and the world of women. I am so happy with who I am becoming.
Brandon R.
New York
Tawny is so down to earth, personal and real. She has wisdom, a beautiful soul and energy about her. She was able to reach me at a level others have not been able to get to. Tawny helped me to see myself not as someone who was broken, not damaged or flawed but rather as someone who is strong, confidant and worthy of being loved.
Phil J.
“You took me from the ground floor to the penthouse. Woman, you are a LIFE CHANGER!!!!
Jeremy Preston Del Horn
Tawny you really know your stuff! I wish I had found you two years ago when I first got divorced. This was exactly what I needed. You are amazing! Thank you for being there. I know I have a friend for life.
Dennis L.
You have a huge heart and you genuinely want to help. I was impressed by your "in-depth" knowledge of us men. Wow! It made coaching with you such a joy and so easy. Thank you for creating growth and direction
Michael P.